Summer Care for Your Car 

Summer heat can wreak havoc on your vehicle. If you haven't already this season, take the time to do some basic maintenance checks on your car. The following is a list of items that should be examined and repaired if necessary.

Any chips or dings in your windshield should be repaired immediately, especially during the summer months. A small area of damage can quickly overtake your entire windshield due to "thermal shock." This occurs when cold air from the air conditioner blows directly onto a windshield that has been heated from exposure to the hot summer sun. A small chip can quickly turn into a large crack, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the entire windshield.

The average battery lasts 3-1/2 years. Check your battery for signs of corrosion on the terminals or cables. If you see corrosion, it can be removed by an automotive professional.

Examine your tires to check for worn or bald areas. You should also check your tires' pressure. You will find the proper pressure level in your owner's manual. Under-inflated tires can lead to sudden tire blowouts and affects your gas mileage. Be sure to check your tires when they are cold (have not been driven on for at least one hour).

Under the Hood
Check your heater, radiator, and vacuum hoses for any cracks or bulges. Belts should be checked for splits or other damage. Because the heat can affect rubber parts more quickly than other parts, these items should be replaced if they show any signs of significant wear.


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