Best Savings Advice Ever
Everyone has gotten financial advice, solicited or not, from someone in their life. Advice on saving and investing money can vary, but in good advice, there is always a common theme. Here are some simple tips that can make all the difference in how you view saving money.

Always save a little.
No matter how much money you make, always put something aside. Think of it as paying yourself first, before any other bills or other spending. Whatever money comes into your life, you can and should be putting some of it away as savings.

Know the difference between needs and wants.
This is simply a way to learn to control your spending. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that much of your spending is want-based spending, not just on needs. If you can't distinguish between the two, you will end up spending much too much. Provide for the needs and only buy the wants if you can truly afford it and if you are providing for saving money as well.

Know the true cost.
The true cost of many items is not just on the price tag. Consider all the time and energy you need for maintenance, storage, upkeep, and insurance on anything you buy.

If you need more money, figure out how to make more money.
Scrimping and economizing are great ways to stretch your budget. But if you are finding that you are not making ends meet and are not able to save any money, it is time to evaluate your income. Often the fastest way out of debt and into more savings is to generate more income. This can mean anything from picking up an extra part-time job to going back to school to earn your degree.


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