Green in Winter 

Your houseplants can bring a welcome reminder of summer into your home; but they need special care during winter months to remain healthy and vibrant. Lower humidity and reduced sunlight can cause houseplants to suffer if not given proper care. Houseplants also grow more slowly during winter months, and thus need their feeding and watering schedules adjusted.

There is a tendency to overwater houseplants during winter months. After all, the air is dryer, so they must need more water, right? Well, actually, excess water can fill in the air spaces within the soil, resulting in the roots receiving less air than they need. Instead of watering on a schedule, water to the touch. If the soil is dry an inch deep, it´s time to water. Water just until some water flows out of the drain holes on the bottom. After a few moments, empty out the drainage saucer so that your plant does not sit in excess water. To combat excessive dryness in the air, use a room humidifier or simply mist your plants occasionally.

Fertilization is still a good idea for your houseplants, but it should be reduced in the winter. Apply one-fourth to one-half the recommended amount of fertilizer when it is time to feed your plants.

Since daylight is scarce during winter months, you may consider moving your plants to a sunnier location, such as a south- or east-facing window. Keep your plants away from drafts near doors or air from heating ducts. With these few changes in your plant care routine, you can ensure that your home is filled with foliage all winter long.

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