How to Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Have you noticed a funny smell every time you walk in your kitchen? Do you have more things growing in your dishes than a science lab does? It might just be time to give your refrigerator a good cleaning out! Here´s the best way to get the job done.

Begin by taking everything out of your refrigerator and turning the temperature control to "OFF." Throw away any food that is old, spoiled, or moldy.

Take out all the removable parts from the refrigerator, including the shelves, racks, and drawers. These parts should all be hand washed in warm soapy water. Be sure to only use a mild dishwashing detergent, as harsh and strong cleansers can damage the surfaces. Let the shelves, racks, and drawers drain on a towel or dish rack while you clean the inside of the refrigerator.

Using warm, soapy water and a sponge or dishcloth, wash the inside of the refrigerator starting at the top of the compartment. Don´t forget the inside of the door and any compartments or racks on the door. Rinse the inside of the refrigerator compartment with clean water and let it dry completely.

When the inside of the refrigerator and all the shelves and drawers are clean and dry, replace the shelves and drawers. Clean the outside of the refrigerator again with a mild soapy solution. Don´t forget the gasket (the rubber molding around the door). If this gasket is particularly dirty, use an old soft toothbrush to get in all the crevices. If your refrigerator has a drip pan underneath, remove it to clean. Vacuum the condenser coils, usually located in the front of the refrigerator behind a metal plate near the floor, several times a year.

To keep your refrigerator smelling sweet, place an opened box of baking soda in both the freezer and refrigerator compartment. You can now restock your refrigerator. Hopefully, you´ll no longer hear those thoughts running through your mind, "Now what was this?"


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