How to Live with Noisy Neighbors 

Living close to other people can be challenging, especially if your neighbors tend to be noisy. Even in a suburban neighborhood, a loud group next door can rattle your last nerves. There are constructive ways to deal with the nuisance. Keep these tips in mind next time there is a cacophony next door.

Is It Really a "Nuisance"?

You will need to become familiar with your community´s rules and laws. What may be a nuisance to one person may not fall directly under the scope of the law. People who live with special circumstances (a night worker who sleeps during the day, a mother with a napping baby) are often more sensitive to day time noise. But these situations are most often not protected under the law. To find a copy of your local noise ordinance, visit your local library or drop by your city offices. You may also be able to find these laws on the Internet.

First Go to the Source

Your best bet would be to calmly approach your neighbor directly without being confrontational. This may seem tough to do, but if approached with respect, this might be all it takes. Often people don´t even realize that their noise level is disruptive and will work with you to resolve the matter. You may also wish to speak to other neighbors to see if anyone else has discussed the problem with the noisy neighbor, to gauge what the reaction might be.

Start Documenting

If this does not resolve the problem, you can send your neighbor a letter describing the problem. Mention your attempt to correct it previously and include a copy of the local ordinances pertaining to noise restrictions. If you live in an apartment, get a copy of the community rules and include that as well. Let your neighbor know in the letter that you will be discussing this with the proper authorities (a landlord, the police department, or an attorney) if it cannot be resolved. But stress your hope that you can come to an reasonable solution. Be sure to be as specific as possible, noting dates and times as much as you can.

Take It to the Next Step
If the noise problem persists, you do have recourse. You can speak to your landlord if you live in a rental property. They have several different ways to handle these types of problems. If you own your own property or the problem is persisting, a call to the police might be worth a try. You would need to do this when the noise is at its worst, so that you will have a valid complaint. A warning could be issued, and sometimes this is all it takes.

If All Else Fails
It is possible for you to sue a disruptive neighbor. You would need to contact your attorney to discuss all of your options in this case in order to decide if this is the right course of action for you.


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