Surviving a Natural Gas Leak 

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels when used properly. However, if you do encounter a leak of natural gas, you should be prepared for this emergency. Natural gas has no odor in its natural state. Because of this, utility companies add a chemical called mercaptan, which has a distinctive odor, often described as smelling like sulfur or rotten eggs. This allows you to detect even a small leak. If you detect this smell or can hear gas escaping, take these steps immediately:

- Leave your home or building right away. If the gas leak is outdoors, evacuate the area where the gas is escaping.

- Do not call for assistance from inside your home. Use of your home or a cell phone could cause the accumulating gas to ignite.

- Do not turn lights on or off.

- Do not use your garage door opener.

- Do not smoke or light a match.

- Once you are safely out of the area of the gas leak, call your utility company or 9-1-1 for assistance.

- Do not return to the area until it has been cleared by emergency personnel. If a fire does start, do not try to put it out yourself.

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