A Warmer Winter 

As colder weather approaches, you can start looking forward to evenings with a nice warm fire in your fireplace. To ensure the safety of your family and home, remember these tips to help you safely enjoy your fireplace.

Check Out the Damper
The damper must be completely open before starting a fire, and must never be closed while a fire is burning. The damper handle is found in the center of the fireplace opening. To open a fireplace flue, simply reach in and pull the handle toward the front of the fireplace. To cut down on heat loss, close the damper when your fireplace is not in use.

Always Use Proper Wood or Logs in Your Fireplace
Never use scrap and/or construction wood. It burns too hot and oftentimes is treated with chemicals that are harmful when burned. It can also produce sparks when burning. Wet or green wood will result in a smoking, smoldering fire. Do not use synthetic logs with regular wood, as this causes excessive heat build-up.

Take Care When Starting the Blaze
Logs should always be placed on grates inside the fireplace. Do not use flammable liquids to light your fire. When starting your fire, it is a good idea to open an outside door approximately six inches. This causes a positive draft for your chimney and will help keep smoke from coming in your home. After a couple of minutes, you can close the door and enjoy your fire. Place a generous amount of crumpled, twisted newspaper on the grate, leaving a few loose ends for igniting. Arrange kindling sticks on top of the paper. Set the longest, thickest log across the grate toward the back of the fire chamber, leaving about 1/2 inch air space. Place a second, preferably split, log a few inches in front.

Keep the Home Fires Burning
Keep your fire to an ideal 3-log size, replacing top and front logs as they burn up. Keep the glass doors open and the fire screen closed while the fireplace is in use. Never overload your fireplace.

To Bed at Night
Use tongs to stand any unburned logs on end in the corner of the fireplace. They will quickly burn out and provide good kindling for your next fire. Be sure the screen is closed to keep random sparks and embers off rugs. Before you retire for the night, close the glass doors.


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