So Many Decisions


There is so much to think about when selling your home:

o      Is it a buyers´ market or a sellers´ market?

o      How can I price my home so that it sells quickly?

o      What marketing strategies are effective and will sell my home quickly?

o      What´s this thing called "curb appeal"?

o      What should I do to have my home in top-selling condition?

o      How much should I fix?  How much should I leave as-is?  Always keep in can do the repairs yourself, hire someone to do them for you or you can pay the buyer substantially more to do those repairs.

o      How much of a hassle is involved in showing my home?

o      Should I try to sell my home all by myself?  Or should I use an agent?

o      What about all the paperwork and legalities?

o      What about my next home?  Should I buy or rent?

o      And more!

We Can Help!

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.  Please put a check þ next to any of the above that you want to discuss.


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