A Free Caulk Finishing Tool That Works!


Fine Homebuilding's Tips & TechniquesMy favorite caulk-finishing tool isn´t my finger. I didn´t pay for it. And I don't end up with gobs of caulk stuck to rags at the end of a job.

What is it? As shown in the accompanying drawing, I Free Caulk Finishing Toolreworked a spent plastic caulk tube and turned it into a custom-made finishing tool that does the job. Here´s how I did it:

  • First, I cut the tube in half, split it up the middle and cut slots on both sides so I can interlock the split tube.
  • Splitting the tube in half allows me to put a crease in the tube, which comes in handy for some caulk profiles.
  • You can clip the end of the tool to create a flat bevel finish ? or leave it round for a coved finish.

The interlocking flaps allow the tube to be opened for periodic cleaning.

- Vincent C. Pirrone, Sparks, Nev.

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