A Time Saver for Installing Closet Shelf Cleats


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Whenever I´m installing cleats for closet shelves, I cut down the amount of ladder time with the little trick shown in the accompanying illustration.

  • First, I draw a level line to mark the top of the cleat´s Time Saver for Closet Shelf Cleatslocation.
  • Then I probe along this line with an 8d finish nail to locate the studs.
  • Once the studs are found, I drive a pair of nails along the line, one each into adjacent studs.
  • Next, I push the cleat up from below until it encounters the protruding nails.
  • Finally, I nail it home, knowing the location of the studs and that the cleat is on the layout line.

- Mark Tiley, Creede, Colo.

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