Shop Vac Works for Hard-to-Fill Glue Ups


While building a set of stairs recently, I noticed that a crack had developed in the bottom of one of the vertical-grain fir stringers.

Because the stairs were exposed on both sides, I wanted to Shop Vac for Glue Upsglue and screw the crack closed, but I had difficulty filling the crack with glue.

To solve the problem, I used a co-worker’s shop vac to help fill the crack with glue. Here's what I did:

  • As shown in the accompanying drawing, I poured a small puddle of glue over the top of the crack and applied suction from below.
  • I then put a piece of tape over the end of the crack to prevent air from being drawn from the side of the crack.
  • Finally, I ran the vacuum until glue began to show across the bottom of the stringer.

It took about 30 seconds to fill the 4-inch crack.

- Gregory Coffin, Loveland, Colo.

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