Vacuum Dust from Anchor Bolt Retrofits


I frequently drill holes in concrete foundations for seismic anchors, such as all-thread bolts. 

The bolts are bonded to the concrete with epoxy, which means the holes that I drill have to be thoroughly cleaned for the epoxy to get a proper grip.

I used to blow the dust out of the holes with compressed air.  But that technique makes a mess and could cause damage to my lungs and eyes.  So I switched to a better method:

  • I made a simple nozzle out of copper plumbing fittings for my shop vacuum.
  • The series of copper reducers steps down to an 8-inch long piece of 1/2-inch copper pipe that is small enough to fit inside the 3/4-inch diameter holes I drill in the concrete.
  • This vacuum rig does a nice job without the mess or the risk.

And just for the fun of it, the nozzle makes a pretty good sound when played like a horn through the narrow end - if you like trumpets and horns.



- Randi Dickson, Oakland, Calif.


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